Residents & Families

Welcome to Our Home

The resident library is a popular place at Extended Care located down Country hall. Many residents read books, watch television, put puzzles together, and visit with family and friends in this relaxing space.

Extended Care has two great rooms to offer to residents and families. This one is referred to as the Country Pod; it serves as a place for residents to come to relax, visit with friends and family, eat, or watch tv. If your family wants to hold a gathering for your loved ones, it is available to be reserved by contacting the business office.  

This is the second great room as mentioned above, known as the Memory Pod; it is located at the end of Memory Lane. This room is used for therapy and rehabilitation services for our residents. 

Located in the heart of Extended Care is a beautiful outdoor courtyard available for all to enjoy. In the summer, residents love tending to home grown garden vegetables and blooming flowers. 

Located off the main dining room of Angel Avenue, another beautiful courtyard with flourishing flowers is available, making it very convenient for those located in this wing to enjoy the warm weather.

The Chapel is located right off the Main Dining Room. Residents often enjoy events in here which include but are not limited to non-denominational church services, recitals, and instrument performances.

These images provide an example of what the resident rooms look like at the Extended Care facility.