Billing / Payment Options

At Sidney Health Center, we understand that healthcare expenses may occur when you least expect them. To assist you through the process, Sidney Health Center offers a variety of payment options that are tailored to individual lifestyles.

To select one of Sidney Health Center’s payment plans, please call our Patient Financial Counselor at (406) 488-2114 or (406) 488-2545. The counselor can assist you in choosing the best plan and make a note on your account regarding the payment option. This will help alleviate any confusion on future statements.

Interest-Free Payment Plan

For those individuals who prefer making payments, Sidney Health Center offers an Interest-Free Payment Plan for up to 12 months. Simply divide the balance due by 12 to determine the monthly payment.

Loan Program

For individuals who desire a lower monthly payment, Sidney Health Center offers a Loan Program. Interest is 15%, and your minimum payment is 4% of your balance. There is no application, simply call and let us know that you want to go on the program. We will send your account to the bank and you will receive a statement in the mail each month similar to a credit card bill.

Balloon Payment Plan

Sidney Health Center also accepts lump sum payments after a series of lower monthly payments. (Example: Individuals may choose to pay small monthly payments for a period of time and then pay the balance due in one large payment when they receive a tax refund, farm payment, etc.)

Financial Assistance

Sidney Health Center offers reduced rates and financial assistance for individuals who need help paying their bill. The process requires completing a Financial Assistance Application and is dependent on household income. You may be eligible for a partial to full write off on your account. Accounts that qualify are also eligible for a longer repayment time on the remaining balance, interest free.

Instructions for Applying for Financial Assistance

  1. Download the PDF version of the Financial Assistance Application.
  2. Please read the first page and include any documentation requested.
  3. Complete the application and return it (and required documentation) to the business office at Sidney Health Center.

Financial Assistance Policy

Plain Language Summary of Financial Assistance Policy


Sidney Health Center discounts for payment in full may apply. Please call our Patient Financial Counselor at (406) 488-2114 for more information.