More than simply filling prescriptions at Sidney Health Center’s Clinic Pharmacy
October 18, 2016
Pharmacy-Staff-Oct-2016---Roland-Achenjang-6564.jpgBy Roland Achenjang, Pharmacy Director

October is National Pharmacy Month and the perfect time to remind you that pharmacists and technicians at Sidney Health Center’s Clinic Pharmacy have built a reputation in the community as the friendliest and fastest pharmacy in town. Clinic Pharmacy patients often wait less than ten minutes to get their prescriptions filled. This is very impressive considering the pharmacy fills on average 200 prescriptions per day or 6,000 prescriptions in a month!

The Clinic Pharmacy staff is able to accomplish this because they possess more than 100 years of combined pharmacy experience in the community. The experience and longevity has solidified personal relationships with customers, which enables the staff to provide a personal experience unlike any other pharmacy in the area. Still, the Clinic Pharmacy does more than simply fill prescriptions.

Behind the scenes, the staff is part of a large and comprehensive pharmacy services department. As part of Sidney Health Center, the staff is able to interact with other pharmacists and technicians that take care of you or your loved ones that are admitted in the hospital, residents at Sidney Health Center’s Extended Care facility, those in need of durable medical equipment, or patients receiving chemotherapy at the Cancer Center. Furthermore, the staff collaborates with your primary care physicians, emergency physicians, nurses, social workers, and lab technicians to optimize patients’ medication therapy. Even with this breadth of services the pharmacy department continues to seek new ways to improve an individual’s overall health.

The pharmacy staff recently started providing Medication Therapy Management (MTM) services to patients. MTM services provide yet another opportunity for the staff to work one-on-one with patients to answer any medication-related questions and ensure medications are taken as intended. This will not only optimize patients’ therapy, but result in improved outcomes for the patients.

October is National Pharmacy month and a good time to drop by the Clinic Pharmacy to show appreciation to the pharmacy staff for the important work they do, as drug experts, to improve the health of those we serve. Plan to visit the Clinic Pharmacy for an open house event on Thursday October 20th, 2016 from 10 AM to 2 PM to meet and greet new and familiar staff members, and see its newly renovated space. Refreshments will be provided.