Extended Care’s rehab short stay program bridges a gap after a hospital stay
October 13, 2022

Sidney Health Center Extended Care offers a transitional rehabilitation program for individuals in the community who are released from the hospital but need additional care before returning home. 

Mary Jeane Johnson recently took advantage of this program at Extended Care with great success after undergoing surgery and battling pneumonia, stating, “The short stay rehab program provided me with an extensive, well-planned program that allowed me to work hard and regain the strength I needed to be able to transition to The Lodge.” 

The transitional care is available to help individuals safely recover after a hospital stay. Short stay residents receive skilled nursing care in addition to rehabilitation services to promote quality of life and regain physical abilities until they are ready to transition home. 

“I really needed physical therapy to help me get stronger after surgery. The Extended Care staff encouraged me to get up and maintain a strong exercise routine. I completed physical therapy five times per week in addition to some weekend days where I would walk, utilize the exercise machine, and do leg raises with weights,” commented Mary Jeane.

Through this service, Mary Jeane was able to successfully transition to The Lodge with increased confidence and motivation. The program gave her the confidence to walk on her own, feel better and stronger, and stay motivated to continue exercising. 

The short-stay rehabilitation service includes in room dining services, individualized therapy services, 24-hour nursing care, and full access to the Extended Care therapy area. 

Upon graduating from the program, Mary Jeane expressed her gratitude to the Extended Care nursing staff, physical therapist, and social worker for providing high-quality care and services during her four-week stay at Extended Care.

For more information about the Extended Care Rehab Short Stay program, visit the website at SidneyHealth.org or contact Extended Care social services at 406.488.2327. 



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