Community Health Fair offers something for everyone
March 10, 2014

health-heart---blue.jpg Sidney Health Center and the Richland County Health Department are co-sponsoring and coordinating the tenth annual Community Health Fair in March. The two entities are once again joining forces with local organizations to promote various health-related topics and feature screenings to the general public.


This year’s Community Health Fair is slated for March 25 at the Richland County Fair Event Center located at the Fairgrounds in Sidney. The event will kick-off Tuesday afternoon at 2:00PM and go into the evening until 7:00 PM. Coordinators of the event are anticipating a little something for everyone again this year. The health fair will feature various screenings, demonstrations, and nearly 50 community booths on various health topics.


Screenings are quick assessments or tests that help identify individuals who may be at risk for disease or health complications. A few of the screenings available are the non-fasting blood draws, blood pressure checks, blood sugar tests, LEAP assessments and retinal photographs.


The Sidney Health Center lab will offer non-fasting blood draw tests for thyroid function and glycohemoglobin tests at reduced rates. The Thyroid Stimulating Hormone (TSH) tests are available for $20. The glycohemoglobin (HA1C) test checks an individual’s risk for diabetes by providing a blood sugar average for the last three months. The test is available for $25. In addition, Dr. Melody Keller, who specializes in naturopathic and functional medicine, will be offering Vitamin B12 shots in her booth for a fee.


Demonstrations throughout the event will highlight food preservation, gardening, fitness activities, and preventive health measures.


Tuesday, March 25

·         2:30 PM – “Sit and Be Fit” by Kathy Jensen, Director of The Lodge

·         3:00 PM – “What’s Up Doc” by Richland County Health Department

·         3:30 PM – “Simple Tips for Managing Your Blood Sugar” by Susan Dahl, RN - Diabetes Education

·         4:00 PM – “Fruit Roll-Ups: Easy Food Preservation” by Ludmila Keller, MSU Extension Service

·         4:30 PM – “Fun Foods for Kids” by Lisa Aisenbrey, RD

·         5:00 PM – “Low Back – It Sure is a Pain in My Back” by Amanda Piatte, PT

·         5:30 PM – “Fruit Roll-Ups: Easy Food Preservation” by Ludmila Keller, MSU Extension Service

·         6:00 PM – “Zumba: Rhythmic Steps to Health and Fun” by Ludmila Keller, MSU Extension Service 

·         6:30 PM – “The Richland County Community Garden Project and Gardening Q&A” by Tim Fine, MSU Extension Service

Representation from various organizations will be readily available both days addressing a full range of health-related topics from nutrition advice to mental health issues as well as chiropractic services to preventative programs to name a few.  In addition, the Sidney Health Center pharmacy will be partnering with the local law enforcement to provide a “Medication Take Back” service. Health fair attendees are encouraged to bring their expired and unused prescription medications to ensure proper disposal.


The Sidney High School BPA group will provide a fundraising soup supper during the evening hours.