Birthday Month Health Screens resume in July
July 3, 2020

Sidney Health Center recently resumed the Birthday Month Health Screens, effective July 1, 2020. In fact, Birthday Club Members with July birth dates should have received a postcard in the mail with instructions to take advantage of their annual health screen at the reduced rate of $45, and an additional $40 for men interested in the prostate cancer screen.


The Birthday Month Health Screen, which is valued over $500, includes a chemistry panel that evaluates kidney and liver function, blood sugar and electrolytes, a blood count, which identifies anemia or infection as well as a lipid (cholesterol) panel.

For those individuals who had a birthday during the suspension of this popular service, Sidney Health Center is dedicating a week in July to schedule the Belated Birthday Month Health Screens. Birthday Club Members, who had a birthday during March, April, May or June, are encouraged to call a dedicated phone number at 406-488-2004 to schedule an appointment.

Upon calling this number, individuals will be instructed to leave a message including their name, phone number and birth date. Since this phone extension will not be answered at all times, a representative will call patients back to schedule their appointment for the week of July 13. Appointments will be made on a first call, first serve basis. If there are not enough appointments to meet the demand, an additional health screen event will be organized at a later date.

The Belated Birthday Month Health Screens will be done at the Extended Care Rehab Room, located behind the Medical Arts Building on 12th Avenue Southwest on the east side of Sidney Health Center’s campus with parking available in the ER parking lot. Signs will be posted to help direct traffic to this health screening event.

Participants are reminded to wear a facemask or cloth covering to this event to help mitigate the spread of infectious disease. Those who remember to bring their facemask will be entered into a drawing for $50 in Sidney Chamber Bucks. Payment in full is required at the time of service. Cash and checks only for this event as no credit cards will be accepted and no insurance will be filed. To maximize your investment in this health screen, please adhere to the following guidelines:

  1. To avoid lines and ensure social distancing, please come 5-7 minutes before the scheduled appointment. 

  2. For accurate test results, it is important to fast 10-12 hours prior to having your blood drawn.

  3. Drinking water will not affect results. In fact, normal water intake is encouraged.

The results of the tests and a general explanation sheet will be available through MyChart and/or mailed to participants following the blood draw. It is the patient’s responsibility to review the results with their provider. Follow-up testing should be based on personal and family history and by recommendation of the patient’s primary care provider.

As a preventative measure, individuals are encouraged to get a baseline blood test screening done by age 20 to identify early risk factors. The Prostate Cancer Screening for males is not generally recommended until about age 50. The Birthday Month Blood Screen offers a cost effective option to help identify whether you may be at risk for disease or health complications. Take advantage of this opportunity to play an active role in their long-term health! 

To sign-up for the Annual Health Screening at a reduced rate, go to Sidney Health Center’s website at: