Saving for the future or better yet… Giving Tuesday

November 25, 2019 by Marketing & Communications
Saving for the future or better yet… Giving Tuesday

When most kids are making wish lists for the upcoming holidays, Madison Kapp is planning how she can give more money to “that place by the grocery store;” or in other words, the Foundation for Community Care. At age 12, Madison is saving for her fifth world day of giving on the Tuesday following Thanksgiving – December 3, 2019. 

Otherwise known as Giving Tuesday, this day kicks off the “season of giving” in the United States by encouraging individuals and organizations to give back to their communities in various ways. Madison learned about this day from her mom, Jeri Chapman, who is the Human Resources Director at Sidney Health Center. 

Jeri recalls sharing her intentions with Madison about donating to the Foundation for Community Care for the “Giving Tuesday” campaign a few years ago. “At the time, I explained that another organization was matching the funds given to the Foundation and Madison immediately asked if she could give money too,” stated Jeri. “When I offered to donate money on her behalf, Madison told me she would just use her birthday money; so I offered to match her gift of $10.”

Since then, Madison has saved her birthday money, which is in August and given it to the Foundation during this annual campaign in December. “I give my birthday money and any extra if I have it,” states Madison. “I try to do more each year because it feels good to help people who need it.” Her gifts to the Foundation now include a combination of birthday money, toy sales and other savings throughout the year that her mom continues to match.

From a very young age, Madison has given her time, talents and money to causes that touch her heart. She once took a bag of her own money to school for a fundraiser that benefited a younger student who was experiencing health issues. In another instance, she made bracelets to show support for a fellow student who was undergoing cancer treatment.

One of Madison’s goals is to have her name on the Foundation’s Donor Wall at the entrance of Sidney Health Center. The minimum level of giving recognized on the wall is $1000. “When I learned she had this goal in mind, I had to double-check with the Foundation staff to make sure they were keeping track of Madison’s donations,” commented Jeri.

Each year, the Foundation for Community Care joins the global movement to change the world by encouraging individuals and other organizations to give their time, resources or voices to causes in their local communities. As in years past, local individuals and organizations will be matching funds given to the Foundation on this momentous day.

In Madison’s words, “Helping others makes you feel rewarded. People should participate in Giving Tuesday and try to pay it forward because they never know when they may need help someday.”

Wise beyond her years, Madison understands the power of giving back to the community and paying it forward when given the chance. Her generosity is a wonderful reminder that it is never too early (or too late) to teach others about the importance of philanthropy.

So join Madison and the Foundation for Community Care on this worldwide movement and make a difference in your community – simply give what you can whether it is your time, talents, money or an act of kindness and share it on social media on Giving Tuesday. When we share our generosity, we inspire others to give back too.

The Foundation for Community Care is a non-profit organization, managed by Sidney Health Center. Its primary focus is to ensure the continuance and quality of local healthcare services in Richland County and surrounding areas. Gifts to the Foundation are gladly accepted online at, in person at 221 2nd Street Northwest in Sidney, or by phone at 406-488-2273.