Patient testimonial and super shout out

December 5, 2019 by Bill Vander Weele
Patient testimonial and super shout out

I feel most of you know me. I’ve lived in Sidney since 1984. During the time, I have spent more than my fair share of time in the hospital.

Along with being a patient at Sidney Health Center, I’ve also been a patient in Billings and Mayo Clinic. There’s something special about Sidney Health Center. It’s very beneficial when you personally know your health care provider, nurses and staff. It gives you great confidence and certainly a feeling of comfort.

Nurses often have a difficult time finding one of my veins when they are trying to take my blood. After they try a few times, I ask if Yvette Lien is working in the emergency room today? Before you know it, she comes. And she knows how to twist my arm in just the right way to find a vein. Of course, I have great confidence and faith in her. You don’t find that personalized care in larger facilities.

We have outstanding health care providers who were born and raised in our area such as Dr. Chad Pedersen and Jacqueline Free, FNP. They truly love this community and their patients. They are so glad to be back home to take care of their neighbors. I believe that kind of treatment is unique to Sidney Health Center.

This kind of quality and caring treatment is so important for patients. I thank the Sidney Health Center Board of Directors for making so many great decisions throughout the years in order that we maintain an independent hospital in our community. It’s so vital for our residents, thanks for your dedication.

At Sidney Health Center, our Employee Engagement Team recognizes the value when employees go above and beyond the scope of their regular job duties. In doing so, the team routinely sends “Shout Outs” to the staff highlighting individuals that co-workers have identified in their daily work. We believe this news is worth sharing beyond the walls of Sidney Health Center.