New Simulation Manikin expands Staff Education and Training

April 6, 2023 by Sidney Health Center Marketing
New Simulation Manikin expands Staff Education and Training

Sidney Health Center received a mid-level fidelity simulation manikin thanks to funding from the Foundation for Community Care and a stroke grant through the American Heart Association. 

The Laerdal Nursing Anne simulator is a skill and scenario-based trainer that can mimic patient breath sounds, heart sounds, bowel sounds, vital signs, blinking, and verbal phrases. The simulator allows learners to practice in a controlled environment where improvements can be made in a safe place; creating staff that are more confident and comfortable in their skills. The simulator responds to interventions, instructor controls, and pre-programmed scenarios.

The program offers a handheld tablet for instructor control and a laptop that can act as various patient monitors to display lifelike vitals, data, and equipment, giving the most realistic simulated experience. The simulator features opportunities of learning for airway and breathing management, assessment skills, multiple nursing interventions, resuscitation, and shock delivery using a real defibrillator. 

Education was offered through the manufacturer in March. The installation and orientation courses helped to explore the many uses of the program as well as scenario building to fit Sidney Health Center’s specific needs. As Sidney Health Center’s education department expands its simulation program, accessory kits and additional training are available.  

A majority of the funding was provided by the Foundation for Community Care in the amount of $37,455 through the Ambulance unspecified fund and an endowment fund grant awarded to Sidney Health Center. The remaining $10,000 was funded through a stroke grant from the American Heart Association. 



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