Keep your family active in the Winter

February 14, 2020 by
Keep your family active in the Winter

When the weather is nice, it’s easy to stay active as a family.  You can take walks, ride bikes, play catch and enjoy many other outdoor activities.  But how do you help your kids stay active when the snow arrives, and the cold wind starts to blow?

On mild winter days, your kids can still enjoy the outdoors.  Everyone will have to bundle up wearing multiple layers, boots, hats and gloves, but once you get moving your heart rate will increase and help keep you warm.  Kids can sled, participate in snow sports, play in the snow and much more.

What about the days when it’s just too cold?  Choose a location that incorporates physical activity.  Locally there is indoor ice skating, indoor basketball courts and indoor pools.  There are also many local athletic individual and team opportunities for youth.

Another opportunity for the entire family to stay active is available at HealthWorks. HealthWorks is a family friendly fitness center that provides opportunities for the whole family, including a walking track, strength and cardio equipment, play area, racquetball court, and fitness classes.  Memberships can be customized to work best for your family.  For more information, call HealthWorks at 406-488-4631 or stop by the fitness center located on the Sidney Health Center campus.

No matter how you choose to stay active, make it a fun family activity and know warm sunny days will return soon!