Help is on the weigh…

September 10, 2018 by Shari Twigg, MD
Help is on the weigh…
Medically Supervised Weight Loss

At Advanced Aesthetics, we will be beginning a program to help you lose weight and keep it off.  Most of us have needed to lose weight at one time or another in our lives.  Weight gain in our culture is most certainly on the rise.  It isn’t always an easy fix or one we can tackle by ourselves.  That’s where I can help you achieve your goals.  Our weight loss program can be tailored to fit your needs, as not everyone may require the same help.

The most common program we will use here will be the hCG diet program along with pharmaceutical-grade supplements, a one-on-one approach, exercise, and healthy living education to maintain your goals once you are done.   I will be there with you along the way to help you as much as possible to reach your goals and maintain them.  There are strict rules during the program that must be followed for optimal results, but I know each of you can do this to achieve your best body you’ve ever wanted.  This not only will influence the way you look, but also how you feel with more energy, better mood, improved sleep, a better sex life often times, and most certainly reduction in heart disease and other health risks.

To tell you how the hCG diet plan functions, low-dose hCG injections are administered with a low-calorie diet to help reshape and re-sculpt “abnormal” fat deposits and to decrease hunger during the low calorie food restriction.  Based on Dr. Simeons (the original developer of the diet) and others studies, people on the hCG diet have seen dramatic reshaping and resculpting of their bodies.  Research confirms that eating a low calorie diet increases overall health, has anti-aging effects, and promotes increased lifespan.  Using the hCG helps flood the body with additional calories from stored fat.  This is the primary reason you are not hungry and feel more energy during this diet.

For those who have less than 15 pounds to lose, then a 30 day plan is optimal, as women can expect to lose ½ – 1 pound per day (closer to the ½ pound usually), while men lose closer to a pound per day.  For those who have greater than 15 pounds to lose, a 50 day plan would be undertaken.  If at the end of this time, the amount of weight loss hasn’t yet been obtained or you have more than 34 pounds to lose, then additional courses of hCG can be done after an appropriate break.

During breaks, at which time you will be in either Maintenance Phase or Phase 4 of the program, we can also institute additional help if needed for things such as appetite suppression, craving suppression with other medications.  You may not need these things at all, but some may need some aid, especially during the first few months of changing lifestyle eating habits. That’s the ultimate goal for all programs.  That you never have to do them again and can maintain your body weight after you get there.  However, if you do notice you need to lose 10 after a year or two, you can easily do a 30 day program and lose it.   I also highly recommend continuing supplementation with some key weight management formulas, fat loss formulas, probiotics, and a solid multi-vitamin.

Do I need to exercise?  The answer is…………………………Absolutely!  Everyone needs to exercise.  It needs to become part of your life on a daily basis.  One hour a day for just you.  One hour for your health, for your well-being, so you live a long, healthy life that you can enjoy walking without pain in your joints, run with your kids, walk along the beach, swim in the surf, not be embarrassed in your swimsuit, eat what you want on vacation, you name it.

If nothing else, you need to walk briskly at least one hour per day.  Once you can do this, you should add in weight training 3 days per week as well to continue building muscle, as by age 30 we are losing this.  Adequate muscle is needed for a healthy metabolism.   Most of us lead a very sedentary life.  This is not what we were meant to do nor does it give us any health benefits.  It is extremely detrimental to our health to do nothing but sit at our desks and walk around once in a while without ever getting our heartrate up.

Unfortunately, if all you do is exercise to try to lose weight, you won’t likely lose much at all, but you will be a little healthier.  You will, however, be able to maintain your weight loss if you exercise while others that have lost weight and don’t continue to exercise won’t maintain their weight loss.  For weight loss to occur, calorie consumption must be reduced, and usually quite drastically.  Our bodies are quite efficient at holding onto fat.  Think about how we survived many years ago when food was scarce.  We ate when we could and those that had the ability to hold onto fat stores longer survived during those times of famine.  Now with our rich diets we are suffering because we eat enormous quantities of highly caloric food that are often times nutrient-poor and are killing ourselves with obesity related diseases or problems.

I’d like to be there to help you obtain your weight loss goals.  For any additional information, please contact my office.  I’d be more than happy to do a consultation and start you on a program.  I will follow you throughout the program closely for you to obtain your goals.

Shari J. Twigg, MD

Advanced Aesthetics