Employee Shout-Out: Josi Tippett

September 12, 2019 by Marketing & Communications
Employee Shout-Out: Josi Tippett

Sidney Health Center is proud to share a new Employee Super Shout Out!  Josi Tippett, RN was recognized by her co-workers for her dedication to patient care, and for going above and beyond to meet the patient’s needs. Here’s what her co-workers had to say:

“Josi’s dedication to patient care and education is amazing.  Recently she came in an hour early to do teaching and education with a patient.  She knew the patient really wanted to go home and that her discharge was dependent on her being able to do certain cares at home so she worked with her extra hard and took the time to walk her through all the steps.  Josi’s love of people shines in everything she does.”

“Shout Out to Josi Tippett for the excellent patient care she provided recently.  A patient shared that Josie came in early to show her how to use some potentially complicated medical equipment that the patient needed at home.  The patient was impressed with Josi’s kindness, compassion, and willingness to help her learn.”

Thank you, Josi, for being a part of the team at Sidney Health Center.  We are lucky and proud to have people like you that embody the ICARE standards.

At Sidney Health Center, our Employee Engagement Team recognizes the value when employees go above and beyond the scope of their regular job duties. In doing so, the team routinely sends “Shout Outs” to the staff highlighting individuals that co-workers have identified in their daily work. We believe this news is worth sharing beyond the walls of Sidney Health Center.