Discovering Healthcare Careers at Sidney Health Center

April 11, 2024 by Sidney Health Center Marketing
Discovering Healthcare Careers at Sidney Health Center

Recently, 21 high school students from Sidney, Savage, Fairview, Richey, and Grenora had an exciting opportunity to explore healthcare careers at Sidney Health Center. Through hands-on activities and tours, they got to peek into various departments like nursing, imaging, laboratory, emergency services, pharmacy, surgery, respiratory therapy, and rehabilitation services.

The students split into groups to experience different areas of healthcare. They learned about nursing basics and delivered babies, how to blood draw in the lab, tried out medical equipment in imaging, stitched incisions with surgery, filled prescriptions with pharmacy, explored therapies in rehab services, expanded lungs with respiratory and even faced a simulated emergency with EMS.

Each department offered a unique perspective on healthcare careers and students got to see the diverse options available in the field. They wrapped up the day by sharing their experiences, with many feeling inspired and excited about their future paths in healthcare.

Events like these aren't just about showcasing Sidney Health Center—they're about sparking passion and curiosity in young minds. Who knows? Among these students may be the future nurses, doctors, and technicians who will continue to make a difference in healthcare.

Students interested in a career in healthcare are encouraged to contact the Sidney Health Center Human Resources department at 406.488.2571 or visit our website at to learn about Job Shadow opportunities and jobs available to jumpstart a healthcare career.