SHC Receives Quality Award
November 14, 2013

Sidney-QA-1.gifSidney Health Center was recently awarded the Montana Rural Healthcare Performance Improvement Network’s Quality Improvement Award for its work on reducing preventable readmissions.  The awards were announced during the general session at the MHA Annual Convention held in Billings on September 26, 2013.


The Montana Rural Healthcare Performance Improvement Network (PIN) is a voluntary membership of 48 critical access hospitals throughout the state.  Through this Network, member hospitals are able to benchmark their performance with their peers on a variety of financial, utilization and direct patient care measures that encourage safe, effective, patient-centered care delivery in even the most remote communities of the state.  PIN quality of care measures are based on national benchmarks, but are tailored to reflect the realities of the state’s rural population.


Throughout 2012 and 2013, PIN members worked in one or more of four focus areas to improve the quality of care provided to the members of their communities:  improving chest pain, heart failure and acute myocardial infarction care; reducing preventable readmissions; reducing pressure ulcers and falls; and improving stroke care.  Applicants for awards in 2013 were required to demonstrate consistent participation in the PIN's benchmarking program and measurable improvement in two or more of the quality of care focus areas over the previous 12 months.


Sidney Health Center has demonstrated a commitment to its community and the region it serves through its efforts to participate in the PIN’s benchmarking and quality of care improvement programs.   Peggy Kopp and Nancy Dynneson received the award for the facility at the Performance Improvement Network’s regional meeting held recently at the Regional Performance Improvement Network Meeting.