New MRI testing service
October 20, 2014


Sidney Health Center recently acquired a new magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) system from Toshiba America Medical Systems, Inc. The Vantage Atlas MRI system limits the use of contrast during certain exams, providing safer, more effective care.


Typically, MRI exams require an injection of contrast material that may cause side-effects; however, Sidney Health Center now has the ability to perform magnetic resonance angiography (MRA) without contrast when necessary. Using the Vantage Atlas MRI system, non-contrast MRA testing provides doctors with the high-quality images they need for diagnosis without an injection, making it more convenient, comfortable and safe for the patient.


Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) is a test that uses magnetic field and radio waves to create detailed pictures of organs and parts inside the body. In many cases, MRI is used to obtain further information from a previous X-ray, ultrasound or CT scan. MRI sometimes detects a problem that does not show up with other imaging methods.


Medical providers use MRI testing for many reasons. MRI is particularly helpful for diagnosing problems with the eyes, ears, heart, and circulatory system, as well as problems in joints, cartilage, ligaments, and tendons. It is also helpful in identifying infections and inflammatory conditions or to rule out problems such as tumors. Most exams take 45-60 minutes each.


The MRI machine looks similar to a CT scanner; however, the tunnel is more enclosed. Patients must be able to lie still for the duration of the exam and tolerate close quarters.


The new MRI system is housed in a permanent building structure on the east side of the hospital, conveniently located behind the ER/Radiology Wing. A climate-free breezeway was also recently installed between the facility and the MRI building to avoid the outside elements and improve the patient experience when having a MRI test.