Introducing Nära: Bringing Moms and Babies Closer at Sidney Health Center
February 22, 2024

In 2023, Sidney Health Center’s Labor and Delivery unit enhanced the patient experience for the littlest ones in its care with the purchase of new bassinets. Say hello to Nära, a remarkable bassinet that’s changing the way moms and babies bond together. 

To say the least, this isn’t your average bassinet. It’s been carefully designed to be super safe and cozy for newborns and their moms. In fact, Nära, the company that makes these bassinets, spent a lot of time studying what would make them just right for everyone, talking to lots of people and trying out different versions until it was perfect.

This special bassinet is all about making sure moms can be really close to their newborns. Each bassinet can adjust its height to fit any bed, so it’s comfy for the nurses and moms, no matter how high or low the bed is. And it’s made to be slim, so it doesn’t take up too much space but still lets moms stay close to their babies right from their bedside.

But that’s not all! Nära bassinets have a sleek design that’s soft around the edges and can tilt. This makes it easy for moms and nurses to see and reach the baby whenever they need to. And it’s fixed in place really well, so moms can feel confident that their baby is safe and secure.

Sidney Health Center is proud to bring Nära bassinets to families living in the MonDak region. It’s more than just a bassinet; it’s our way of making sure that those first moments between a mom and her baby are as special and safe as can be.



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