Upfront Payments

Upfront Payment Procedures - Effective January 2013

One of the concerns for many patients seeking medical attention is the cost of service. Often times, patients have no idea what the cost of a clinic visit, medical test, surgical procedure or baby delivery is until after the service is rendered.
To help alleviate those concerns, Sidney Health Center’s financial services department has been exploring ways to provide information to patients as medical services are provided. Starting in January 2013, Sidney Health Center will be standardizing the financial counseling procedures along with the collection of co-payments and self-pay deposits throughout the clinic and hospital.

Over the first quarter of the year, Sidney Health Center will be rolling out the upfront payment procedures in various areas starting with the clinic offices first.  Areas to follow will include admissions, therapy services, scheduled outpatient tests, OB, inpatients and surgery. 

Prior to implementing the business procedure changes on the hospital side, Sidney Health Center will be installing new software to help streamline the process. Clinic receptionists, admissions and business staff will then have the ability to inform patients of their estimated financial obligations as well as financial assistance opportunities prior to providing care.

Throughout the country, a growing number of Americans are opting for high-deductible health plans, only to face deductibles that most patients are unable to afford. This new technology software helps patient accounts staff determine a patient’s likelihood to qualify for financial assistance or Medicaid. In addition, Sidney Health Center offers several payment options through an application process as well as discounts for payments in full within 30 days.

The following link addresses many questions you may have regarding these new business procedures.

Frequently Asked Questions – Clinic Visits

To address further questions and/or concerns, contact administration at (406) 488-2364 or via email at  Jacqueline.McDermott@sidneyhealth.org to set up an appointment.