Upfront Payments

Upfront Co-Payment Collection at Time of Service

One of the concerns for many patients seeking medical attention is the cost of service. Often times, patients have no idea what the cost of a clinic visit, medical test, surgical procedure or baby delivery is until after the service is rendered. To help alleviate those concerns, Sidney Health Center’s financial services department can provide information to patients at the time of service or before a scheduled procedure.

With the goal of encouraging cost transparency, Sidney Health Center did a price comparison in 2019. As a result, the organization reduced its office visit charges by an average of 20% in January 2020 to help serve the community and improve access to local healthcare.

In addition, Sidney Health Center has standardized the registration process and implemented the collection of co-payments and self-pay deposits throughout the clinic and hospital. Copayments are a requirement set by the patient’s insurance company, and not Sidney Health Center.

For uninsured patients (or those unable to verify their benefits), an upfront payment of $100 (reduced from $150) is required at time of service. This payment is applied to the bill when it is generated.

With these changes, Sidney Health Center is moving towards a more unified and procedure-based registration process so that patients experience the same treatment at every entry point throughout the facility.  This change by no means detracts from the individualized treatment every patient will receive, only that the processes associated with registering/check-in is uniform, creating an expected experience for each patient.

The following link addresses many questions you may have regarding these business procedures.

Frequently Asked Questions – Clinic Visits

To make payment arrangements on existing or future accounts, contact Patient Financial Services at (406) 488-3975 or via email at: Heather.Tibbits@sidneyhealth.orgor RaeDawn.Valenzuela@sidneyhealth.org 

Our representatives are happy to answer any questions or concerns you might have via phone, email or by appointment.