Frequently Asked Questions

New Office Procedures at Sidney Health Center Clinic

I have never had to pay at the time of service before, why do I have to now?

Effective January 2013, Sidney Health Center’s office procedures in the clinic are changing to contend with rising costs of health care. Paying at the time of service helps the clinic avoid additional administrative costs, which saves our patients money in the long run. Plus, it lets patients take care of their payment at the time of service rather than worry about receiving a bill later.

How much am I going to have to pay at my clinic visit?

During the registration process, patients will be asked to pay the co-pay listed on their insurance card or if no co-pay amount is listed, the charge will be $30. Those individuals with no insurance will be asked to pay a deposit of $150.

I always pay my bills, why are you asking me for a deposit?

Sidney Health Center appreciates individuals who always pay their balances. Unfortunately, a lot of patients that can pay their bills choose not to do so. For this reason, Sidney Health Center now requests a deposit at the time of service.

Why do I have to pay when my insurance will cover the fee?

Insurance plans often require a co-payment amount that is the patient’s responsibility. Sidney Health Center’s policy now requires a co-payment at the time of service.

Why do I have to pay when my ex-spouse is responsible for the medical bills?

Sidney Health Center understands that there may be circumstances where a former husband/wife is still responsible for the medical bills due to a court order or an agreement. However, it is not the facilities responsibility to interfere in a patient’s personal arrangements. Sidney Health Center can provide a receipt to show that the bill has been paid so the patient can be reimbursed from their former spouse.

What if my doctor tells me not to worry about my bill?

The physician’s primary concern is the patient’s health and well-being. When a doctor tells a patient not to worry about the bill, they are not saying that patient won’t have to pay the bill. Rather, they are indicating that the patient should not worry about the cost of the service because Sidney Health Center allows some flexibility and offers payment options through an application process.