Frequently Asked Questions

New Office Procedures at Sidney Health Center Clinic

I have never had to pay at the time of service before, why do I have to now?

  • This procedure became effective February 2020.

  • Sidney Health Center has standardized its office procedures at all admission points for consistency.

  • Often times, insurance companies require a payment prior to service, except in the case of ER visits.

  • Paying at the time of service helps avoid additional administrative costs.

How much am I going to have to pay at my clinic visit?

  • Copayment dues are set by the insurance provider, not Sidney Health Center.

  • The copayment is a percentage of costs expected for the clinic visit; otherwise, a flat copay of $25 is required.

  • If you do not have insurance, an upfront payment of $100 will be required, which is deducted from the charges associated with your visit.

I always pay my bills, why are you asking me for a deposit?

  • Copayments and service fees are not a deposit towards services to be rendered.

  • Copayments are a common form of cost-sharing under many health insurance plans. It is generally a fixed amount that is outlined by the individual’s insurance policy.

  • Upfront payments are required for those without proof of insurance. The upfront fee of $100 is applied to the bill.

Why do I have to pay when my ex-spouse is responsible for the medical bills?

  • Agreements with ex-spouse legally binding or not is between the patient and the ex-spouse, not Sidney Health Center.

  • Copayments are a requirement of the patient's insurance and separate from the patient’s charges billed for services rendered.

What if my doctor tells me not to worry about my bill?

  • The physician’s primary concern is the patient’s health and well-being. When a doctor tells a patient not to worry about the bill, they are not saying that patient won’t have to pay the bill. Rather, they are indicating that the patient should not worry or stress about the cost associated with the service.

  • Sidney Health Center has several programs in place to assist patients with paying their final bill from financial assistance to payment plans. 

  • Copayments are a payment separate from the services rendered bill that is due at time of service per their insurance policy.