CT (Computed Tomography)

Low Dose Computed Tomography scanning is a valuable diagnostic tool that provides physicians with views of internal body structures. Sidney Health Center uses a 160-Slice CT Scanner offering unsurpassed image quality at the fastest speed to impact both specialized applications and routine scans.  The CT is able to do a scan of the body, from neck to toes, in less than 16 seconds taking 160 pictures each rotation around the subject being scanned.  

Features of the 160-Slice CT Scanner include:

  • Trauma imaging – rapid scanning in critical cases saves valuable time in getting the patient from the CT suite to the operating room.
  • Pediatric imaging – shorter exams are better tolerated by children, reducing the need for sedation in many studies.
  • Orthopedic imaging – fast scanning with a better image increases diagnostic accuracy and aids in surgical planning.
  • Vascular imaging – faster scan times virtually eliminate image errors, and allow examinations to be performed with less intravenous dye.

Patient-Focused Features include:

  • Ergonomic features decrease exam time while increasing patient comfort.
  • Low table height allows easier access for patients.
  • Breathing lights cue hearing-impaired and pediatric patients on when to hold their breath.
  • New technologies that decrease radiation exposure by up to 40% compared with previous CT scanners.
  • Fast, single breath-hold imaging enables superior pictures at the lowest radiation dose.
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