Emergency Medical Services

The Richland County Ambulance Service is an integral part of Sidney Health Center's emergency services. Nationally Registered Emergency Medical Technicians provide services throughout Richland County with ambulances in Fairview, Lambert, Savage and two in Sidney. The service is county-owned with operations administrated by Sidney Health Center.

Mission Statement

RCAS strives to provide excellent emergency healthcare to residents and visitors of Richland County with passionate, qualified and experienced EMS personnel. By working as a team during dangerous, challenging and emotional situations, these professionals maintain the infrastructure of rural living. We promote safety and public awareness through education, ambulance tours and a presence at community events, as well as provide the public with the knowledge and confidence to help in any life-threatening situation. RCAS speaks collectively with One Voice among both the public and the service itself to foster a healthy team environment and nurture the communities' confidence and trust in our service.

Public Safety Program

The Richland County Ambulance Service takes a pro-active approach in regards to safety awareness through community outreach projects and education within the schools. Along with crucial first responder education, this program includes CPR and first aid training. The program is designed to bring awareness to the community regarding life-saving techniques The latest project involves working with schools, businesses, and high-traffic public facilities on the installation and training of Automatic External Difibulators (AEDs), which are essential life-saving shocking devices.

EMT Opportunities

The EMTs stay apprised of new techniques through monthly meetings and continuing education. The Richland County Ambulance Service relies heavily on the dedication and skill of volunteer EMTs.

First Responder and EMT-Basic

  • RCAS offers training at the levels of First Responder and EMT-Basic.  The First Responder course consists of about 54 hours and meets twice a week for 7 weeks. First responders will learn basic life support and how to treat patients in order to be a valuable asset on the ambulance. Their primary job initially will be driving the ambulance, but will have patient interaction by assisting in care on-scene. This will allow them the opportunity to gain real-world experience in the field, while the EMT-Basics can focus their attention primarily on patient care during transport. Following the initial First Responder course, students will have the option to take an additional course to transition to the EMT-Basic level. If you are interested in taking the First Responder course, please call 488-2180 for more information.


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