Extended Care Visitation Guidelines


December 2, 2022

We have received notification this morning regarding all negative tests with residents & staff. Contact Trace testing of resident & staff testing has been done to determine any other positives. All staff test results include 3 positive result, and 3 positive resident tests. As of December 2, 2022, we are in Outbreak Status. To clear outbreak status, we must have 2 weeks of negative resident & staff testing.

CMS guidance outlines that visitation is open. We strongly encourage visitors to be educated of the risk & benefits of vaccination & risk of exposure regarding COVID-19 symptoms. If you have any cold-like symptoms or any traditional COVID-19 symptoms, we ask that you refrain from visitation. We require all visitors regardless of vaccination status to wear mask & practice appropriate hand hygiene & physically distance.

During outbreak status visitors can be restricted on movement but still allowing visits in resident rooms with PPE (masks), utilizing hand hygiene, and made aware of risk of COVID-19 exposure. The facility may ask about vaccination status, but it is not required to be disclosed. Please remember that mask wearing in the facility and in resident’s rooms is mandatory & strictly enforced. We will continue to monitor visitors in the facility and confirm infection control protocols are being followed. The facility has the right to protect its residents; this includes asking those families not willing to comply with mask wearing, may be asked to leave the facility. No mask required for children 2 years of age & under.

NO SCREENING AT FRONT ENTRANCE, BUT MASK WEARING REQUIRED IN PUBLIC & RESIDENTAL COMMON AREAS. Face mask covering nose and mouth, and sanitization of hands are required. Movement about the facility is still restricted to and from resident rooms. Visitation is open but we are asking to have no more than 1 to 2 visitors at a time to limit exposure. If the resident you are visiting is positive for COVID-19, please be aware of the risk of exposure, resident rooms will notate if you need to follow isolation protocols for masking and wearing full PPE during your visit while social distancing. If children are visiting, they must be accompanied by an adult.

Residents can leave the facility and return without having to quarantine if they are up-to-date with vaccinations & boosters. Non-vaccinated residents will be tested on day 3 and 7 after returning to facility if out longer than 24 hours.

All staff are required to wear N95 face masks & eye protection while taking care of your loved ones.
Daily (2x/day) temperature and respiratory checks of residents will continue.
Daily/shift staff health screenings and temperatures will continue.
Daily disinfecting of all common areas, resident rooms, and frequent touch points throughout the facility.

We will continue to update you if any new cases with residents or staff are diagnosed with COVID-19 & any new guidance from CMS & CDC.


Rajohn Karanjai, MD
Chief Medical Officer

Jen Doty
Chief Executive Officer

Ashley Tanner
Senior Executive, Long Term Care Services

ANY QUESTIONS OR CONCERNS: Ashley Tanner 406.488.3917.