Management Directory

Account Payable
Cheryl Moran
Alyssa Rau 
Cancer Care
Beth Mindt
Cardiopulmonary Rehab
Lori Hasselstrom
Care Management
Penni Case
Caring Corner Gift Shop
Diana Meehan
Richard Evans
Chief Executive Officer
Jennifer Doty
Kerry Reitz
Clinic Pharmacy
Lynn Beyerle
Clinical Informatics
Melissa Roth
Coding Supervisor
Barb Breitling
Mark Delaney
Environmental Services
William Holler
Executive Assistant
Melissa Papka
Extended Care - Assistant Administrator
Tierney Messmer
Extended Care - Business Office
Clara Jepsen
Extended Care - Engagement
Chelsie Grimes
Extended Care - Environmental Services Director
Bob Montgomery
Extended Care - Nursing Services Director

Extended Care - Social Services
Kelly Wilkinson
Matt Weber
Food Services
Foundation for Community Care
Melissa Boyer
Good Cents Store
Margie Peterson 
Health Information Management
Sammie Sharp
Scott Doty
Human Resources
Jeri Chapman
Infection Control
Suzann Radke
Imaging Services
Linda Labatte
Information Technology
Devon Quick 
Dia Barakat
Marketing & Communications
Toni Zieske
Materials Management
Janet Haralson
Medical Staff Services
Kaila Roth
Nursing Services Director
Dee Hamburg
Nursing Services Assistant
Renee Williams
Nutrition Services
Evangeline Muzika
Patient Experience
Peggy Kopp
Patient Finance Services
Jennifer Roth
Personal Assistance Services
Laurie Lovegren
Pharmacy Services
Rehabilitation Services
Nicole Keysor
Respiratory Care
Lisa Schiermeister 
Revenue Cycle
Shawn Storm
Senior Executive, Finance
Tina Montgomery
Senior Executive, Hospital Services
Nancy Dynneson
Senior Executive, Information Systems
Sean Kavanagh
Senior Executive, Long-Term Care
Ashley Tanner
Senior Executive, Marketing
Rita Steinbeisser
Senior Executive, Nursing Services
Pam McGlothlin
Senior Executive, Patient Experience
Jennifer Mercer
Senior Executive, Physician Services
Becky Cassidy
Sleep Center
Lynae Volk
Social Services
Karen Arnold-Truax
Janie Darby, FNP
The Lodge - Director
Jodie Leland
The Lodge - Resident Care