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Sidney Health Center

Management Directory

Account Payable

Cheryl Moran 406-488-2109 cmoran@sidneyhealth.org


Neava Hall 488-2561 Neava.Hall@sidneyhealth.org


Bonny Stevens 406-488-2180 blicking@sidneyhealth.org

Cancer Care

Kathy Jensen 406-488-3953 kjensen@lodgeatlonetree.org

Cardiopulmonary Rehab

Brandi Franck 406-488-2124 Brandi.Franck@sidneyhealth.org

Caring Corner Gift Shop

Diana Meehan 406-488-2122 dmeehan@sidneyhealth.org


Richard Evans 488-2596 revans@sidneyhealth.org

Chief Executive Officer

Rick Haraldson 406-488-2118 rharaldson@sidneyhealth.org

Chief Financial Officer

Tina Montgomery 406-488-2117 tinam@sidneyhealth.org

Clinic Manager

Nicole Carda 488-2591 Nicole.Carda@sidneyhealth.org

Clinical Services Administrator

Nancy Dynneson 406-488-2104 nancyd@sidneyhealth.org

Continuum of Care Administrator

Theresa Livers 406-488-2320 tlivers@sidneyhealth.org


Matt Weber 488-2392 mweber@sidneyhealth.org


Mark Delaney 406-488-2185 mdelaney@sidneyhealth.org

Environmental Services

Bob Montgomery 406-488-2176 rmontgomery@sidneyhealth.org

Extended Care - Activities

Kris Radke 406-488-2338 kradke@sidneyhealth.org

Extended Care - Clinical Compliance

Marilyn Usselman 488-2333 usselman@sidneyhealth.org

Extended Care - Nursing

Vicky Strasheim 406-488-2325 vickyjo@sidneyhealth.org

Extended Care - Rehabilitation

Viola Anderson 406-488-2358 vanderson@sidneyhealth.org

Extended Care - Social Services

Donna Coffman 406-488-2327 dcoffman@sidneyhealth.org

Extended Care Administrator

Marlys Anvik 406-488-3917 Marlys.Anvik@sidneyhealth.org

Food Services

Richard St. Germain 406-488-2183 Richard.Stgermain@sidneyhealth.org

Foundation Executive Director

Gina Heckey 406-488-2357 gheckey@foundationforcommunitycare.org

Good Cents Store

Carla Houchen 406-488-2116 chouchen@sidneyhealth.org

Health Education

Susan Dahl 488-2324 sdahl@sidneyhealth.org

Health Information

Susan Casperson 406-488-2197 Susan.Casperson@sidneyhealth.org


Scott Doty 406-488-2192 sdoty@sidneyhealth.org

Home & Community Based Services

Kerry Reitz 406-488-2193 kreitz@sidneyhealth.org

Hospice & Visiting Nurse

Jill Carpenter 406-488-2226 jillc@sidneyhealth.org

HR & Support Services Administrator

Lisa Aisenbrey 406-488-2108 laisenbrey@sidneyhealth.org

Infection Control

Brenda Eberling 406-488-2200 beberling@sidneyhealth.rg

Information Services

John Mercer 406-488-2249 jjmercer@sidneyhealth.org


Amber McCall 406-488-2351 amccall@sidneyhealth.org

Marketing & Communications

Rita Steinbeisser 406-488-2101 ritas@sidneyhealth.org

Materials Management

Janet Haralson 406-488-2181 janeth@sidneyhealth.org


Pam McGlothlin 406-488-2598 pamm@sidneyhealth.org

Nutrition Services

Shelby Stein 406-488-2178 Shelby.Stein@sidneyhealth.org

Patient Accounts

Jennifer Roth 406-488-2112 jmagee@sidneyhealth.org

Patient Care Coordinator

Peggy Bunnell 488-2379 Peggy.Bunnell@sidneyhealth.org


Sharyl Saalfeld 406-488-2103 ssaalfeld@sidneyhealth.org

Performance Improvement

Peggy Kopp 406-488-2289 pkopp@sidneyhealth.org

Personal Assistance Services

Rebecca Buxcel 488-2223 rbuxcel@sidneyhealth.org

Pharmacy Services

Roland Achenjang 406-488-2131 Roland.Achenjang@sidneyhealth.org

Radiology Operational Manager

Linda Labatte 406-488-2232 llabatte@sidneyhealth.org

Radiology Technological Manager

Rance Haralson 406-488-2196 rance@sidneyhealth.org

Rehabilitation Services

Kirby Halvorson 406-488-2363 kirbyh@sidneyhealth.org

Respiratory Care

Nanette Bergerson 406-488-2199 Nanette.Bergerson@sidneyhealth.org

Sidney Health Center Clinic Director

Jennifer Doty 406-488-2169 jdoty@sidneyhealth.org

Sleep Center

Lynae Volk 488-2385 lvolk@sidneyhealth.org

Social Services

Kay Johnson 406-488-2194 kayj@sidneyhealth.org

Software Applications

Christie Delaney 488-2129 cdelaney@sidneyhealth.org


Leanna Horner 406-488-2174 Leanna.Horner@sidneyhealth.org

The Lodge

Jodie Leland 406-488-4682 Jodie.Leland@sidneyhealth.org
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